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I am your partner for a successful accounting system. A well structured financial process is crucial to increase company profits. In combination with a strong financial planning and strategy it is essential for the success of a company. In process optimization, I work closely with executives, the departments as well as tax advisors and auditors to increase productivity and satisfaction – let ́s keep it simple.

Accounting & Controlling

Optimization of Accounting and Controlling (experience with DATEV available)

Financial planning

Preparation of financial plans, liquidity plans, project calculations and support during audits, due diligence processes, etc.

Business consulting

Management support with focus in start-ups.

Accounting & Controlling

The optimization of accounting and controlling is of great importance to companies, as it
helps to improve financial performance and minimize risks. By standardizing processes,
my clients can ensure that their accounting and controlling processes are consistent to
maximize efficiency and minimize errors.

Effective accounting is essential in a company to ensure financial transparency,
compliance, effective financial planning and successful investment decisions. It builds
management confidence and lays the foundation for a solid financial foundation and
long-term success.

Enterprise controlling refers to the monitoring and management of a company’s financial
and operational performance. It enables you to assess the financial status of your business
by providing a comprehensive overview of your revenues, expenses, profits and losses.
Through regular analysis and reporting, you can gain important insights to make
informed decisions and effectively pursue strategic goals.

Every project involves opportunities, but also risks. Effective project controlling allows you
to keep track of the progress, costs and quality of your projects. It enables you to react
promptly to deviations from the original plans, minimize risks and deploy resources

Financial planning

I analyze your financial data and develop customized solutions to achieve your business
goals. An Accurate liquidity planning is part of positive business development. I help you
to optimize your financial flows and minimize your liquidity risks.
Project budgeting is another important part of my services. I prepare realistic calculations
to ensure that your project is completed successfully while you maintain full control over
your financial resources.
As a facilitator of audits and due diligence processes, I also assist you in critical moments. I
support you in preparing and conducting audits to ensure that all your financial data is
presented properly and transparently.
I believe that effective financial planning is key to the success of any business.

Business Consulting & Start-up Support

As an experienced consultant, I support you in managing your company and in
developing a business plan and business strategy. As a start-up, you will benefit from my
many years of experience and my contacts in financial planning and the search for
investors or business angels. With my expertise, I am at your side to jointly develop the full
potential of your company and achieve your goals.

Feel free to contact me for more information about my services or to receive a customized
quote for your business.

About me

I am Theresia, living and working remotely on Koh Tao, Thailand. I have about 10 years of experience in accounting and controlling and have been allowed to participate in various company management for several years. I use my analytical skills to optimize my clients’ structures and processes and to develop a successful business strategy. I am passionate about understanding numbers and taking an entrepreneurial approach to achieve goals with ease. A solution-oriented approach is as natural to me as looking at the big picture. What sets me apart from others: my focus is on communicating numbers and their impact in an understandable way to remove hurdles and fears.


2023: Foundation DiveInFinance


2021: Media industry

  • Co-founder and managing director
  • Set up structure and processes
  • Set up accounting and project controlling

2021: Partner of a business angel

  • Managing director
  • Establishment of structure and processes
  • Set up of accounting

2019: Film and television producer

  • Support of a due diligence with success

2016: Film and Television producer

  • Set up Accounting and Controlling

2014: IT branch

  • Accounting and controlling
  • Training management

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